Michaela wearing non-UpCountry hat

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

A few weeks ago, we received some flak when we used the above picture on UpCountry's Facegram and Instabook posts.

You may be asking yourself (as we did), "What's the issue?" Well, it turns out a couple of people were wondering why we used a picture of Michaela wearing a hat from another brewery in our official social media posts.

For starters, as many people have pointed out, we don't currently have any UpCountry hats in stock. Our bad. That is something we will get fixed ASAP so please stay tuned! 

Also, Cody and Madeline at Noblebräu/185KingSt are awesome peeps. They are located directly across the street from UpCountry and we often find ourselves over at their place. Ironically enough, Cody and some of others happened to be at UpCountry on the evening this post was written.  

But most importantly, that picture showcases something pretty special about UpCountry and who we are becoming. Of course we want to promote our brand and our taproom. But we are on a mission to do more and be more than that. We want to become a trusted resource for those in WNC (as well as Upstate SC and North GA) for anything beer and outdoors related in our region. It's a lofty goal and it's going to be quite the journey. We thank you for joining us on this trip. 

Cheers, John


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Best wishes to you all on your journey!

Randall Rutherford

I thought you folks closed. So you are open for business? Awesome…enjoyed your place in the past for beer, meals, and a few yrs back bands.

Michael Brock

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